Memorize the World!
A simple method to learn and remember the countries of the world in their correct locations!

Memorize the World Map!

We will teach you to memorize the world map, the names and locations of all 194 countries of the world! You'll be amazed at how simple the process is!

In these pages you'll find things that are funny, beautiful, colorful, unique, or even strange!  These are the things that evoke emotion and help us retain information. 

We use clever mnemonics (a memory trick to help you remember) to make the process of memorizing the world map fun and engaging.

Do your children know where India is?
North Korea, or Spain? Do they know where they could see Ayers Rock and what language is spoken in Egypt? As the internet turns our world into a global village, it is more important than ever that they know Geography. We can help!

It is often said that the brain is a muscle that must be exercised. Memorizing a map of the world with the countries in their correct locations makes for great mental exercise!

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